Wedding photos

Wedding photos

Wedding photos in salon and all day wedding photo coverage for all tastes. Classical and retro style, black and white photos of Your day.


Classical wedding photo session in the studio - starting from 85 € 

Wedding photos outside the studio up to 1 hour - 120 €

Wedding photos outside the studio up to 3 hours - 250 €

Wedding photos outside the studio all day long - the price depends on the time of the year when you book the wedding date, the length of the photo session and location (whether the wedding venue is in Latvia)

You can always choose individual photos in the studio without selecting any of the offered photo sessions.

From experience I know that not everyone can feel free in front of the camera, therefore do not worry - you do not have to be a model and you don’t have to worry about your postures, where to keep your hands, how to stand. From the moment you have chosen me as your new family chronicler we will work together to create photos which will be something special for you.

In the studio you can choose different kinds of photo sessions: only classical style wedding photos or classical and retro style (brown) photos. Maybe you want black and white photos? Or maybe modern, free-style "love pictures"?

In studio I suggest to choose photo session which includes pictures in various styles, so that after several years while looking at your wedding photos, they would seem interesting and enjoyable, no matter what is fashionable at that moment.

We also offer photo sessions before your wedding both in the studio and outdoors.

I work with an assistant - it means that on your wedding day even the smallest detail won’t be missed or not captured. In meeting before the wedding we always talk over both the wedding route and each couple’s individual wishes. Each couple who has chosen us as their wedding day photographers - photo session before the wedding in the studio is free. Then we also talk over the wishes of the new couple on their wedding day and learn together how to pose and feel free in front of the camera ... There are weddings, in which I suggest to go through the wedding route a few days before the wedding, so that on the wedding day couple’s pictures would be taken without a hitch, saving time on the wedding day.

During the last year I have noticed that GIFT CARDS – for studio photo sessions-  have become very popular.

By listening to the customer's wishes we will suggest and create the route of photo session (for example, in Riga) or outside (in the neighbourhood of Riga). If you choose photo session outside Riga, you have to plan your travel costs (fuel).

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