We offer to create your portfolio (individual and couples photo sessions) in the studio and outside. Photos for yourself as a memory, as a gift for mother, friend ... or for presentation, job application.


In the studio - starting from 85 €

Before the session, it is important to talk over for what the captured pictures will be necessary (for yourself as a memory, as a gift for mother, friend ... or for presentation, job application, etc.). It will determine both the style of the photo sessions and posture diversity. It will be easier for me to recommend what to choose from the clothing, if a professional make-up is necessary before the session (keep in mind that it increases the price of the session, but very often I am faced with the fact that it was not necessary, sometimes it even was a mistake. For example, while photographing for job application too much make-up may frighten the future employer).

Each picture before we give it to our client we process in Photoshop – you don’t have to worry about a small pimple or about wrinkles.

Usually in an ideal photo session photos with different clothes and backgrounds are taken. From experience I know that not everyone can feel free in front of the camera, so do not worry – you do not have to be a model and worry about postures, where to keep your hands and how to stand. From the moment you have chosen me as your photographer we will work together to create photos which will be something special for you. And during one photo session different style pictures are taken.

We also offer individual and couples’ sessions outside the studio after finding out client's wishes and then - planning the route.

Individual photo sessions also for couples. I have photographed individual sessions in an early spring and in a very cold winter day ... time and place does not matter. During one session we have managed to be both in a forest and the sea coast and we have taken pictures in Cinevilla.

According to the client’s desires I plan the route. Preferred session length in different places is 5 hours and then you and the photographer will be already tired.

Before the photo session I will suggest what clothes and accessories to choose in specific time of year and location.

If you want to photograph in a forest, or a meadow then the morning and evening light will be more grateful – more interesting.

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