Photos of "Baby bellies"

Photos of "Baby bellies"

My first "baby belly" baby now is 19 years old. It is one of my favourite and most creative photo sessions, in addition, the most demanded photo sessions are together with husband or sessions outdoors.


In the studio - starting from 100 €

Outside the studio - starting from 180 €

Unfortunately, I belong to the generation in which it was not accepted "to show off" if you're pregnant, not talking about being photographed while expecting a child, but now it is one of my favourite and most creative photo sessions. Each pregnant woman is with her I and WE, it is great to work with so positive feelings and to share with these feelings. Maybe after years ... if I write memoirs there will be many great stories – both getting to know stories, and stories about names and the choices of accessories ... and also I have countless stories with funny situations.

When my former colleague Raivo spoke to me, "Linda, could you please take a picture of Sanita with her big belly ..." – I felt bewildered, because I had no idea how to do it - it was a long time ago in 90-ties ... Then we both slowly tried to catch how to photograph, I understood what I can do, what I want, what I should do ... what looks good and what does not. How long does it take, how long a pregnant woman with her big belly can pose. Also, the word " baby belly" came in my mind in the 90-ties, especially with pregnant women, because I wanted to find a suitable word for a pregnant woman, which would be something nice ... simple, understandable ...

Now, seeing pictures with "baby bellies" in Latvian photographers’ web pages I feel like a pioneer (the one who started it - the first), and the mother of all "baby bellies". Because mostly the style and postures are already seen somewhere. There was a time when I captured even about five "baby bellies" a day. Yes, it was difficult, the most difficult was to generate new ideas ... because, as you already understand, postures with "baby bellies"are quite limited. But now we have grown up in everything, not just technical capabilities, but also visually we are much braver. Over the last years the most demanded photo sessions are sessions with a husband or sessions outdoors. I always talk over, suggest what to choose better from the accessories, what to take from clothing, what will look better, what will suit for the particular "baby belly". Which month is the most appropriate to be photographed? For example, in hot summer photographing definitely should not be left till the last moment.

While choosing a photographer, pay attention to his photographic style. Maybe he has photographed only one pregnant woman and the same pictures are posted on the webpage. Why to undress a pregnant woman but the husband photograph in a suit? In my opinion also the idea - what and how is extremely important, because it certainly looks bright to paint "baby belly" with watercolour paints ... but why to do the same with the husband and daughter ... and why exactly during the "baby belly" session and in the studio? It is important to know how to stand, where to put your hands, where to look and how to hug "baby belly" etc.

Usually in an ideal photo session photos with different clothes and backgrounds are taken. From experience I know that not everyone can feel free in front of the camera, so do not worry – you do not have to be a model and worry about postures, where to keep your hands and how to stand. From the moment you have chosen me as your photographer we will work together to create photos which will be something special for you. And during one photo session different style pictures are taken.

It should be mentioned that I am against mass picture posting on the Internet and in my photos the most important is and always will be the person, rather than the environment in which one was photographed or the accessories.

Here you can see only a small part ... just to guess in what style I photograph because I am against mass picture posting on the Internet, especially "baby bellies" pictures. But if it is necessary, when you come to the studio you certainly can ask to see more "baby bellies"pictures.

As you see, I have a really big experience working with pregnant women and, as my mother said when I was pregnant - 'every pregnant woman’s wish is as a rule" and we certainly will be able to work together. :-)

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