Other photo services

Other photo services

Photos for documents, group photos, animal photos, objects photos, as well as your anniversary event reportage.


Document photo - starting from ?? €

Group photo - starting from ?? €

Pet photo in the studio - starting from 30 €

Objects photos - starting from 10 €

Document photos

  • For passports, visas, 3x4, 3,5x4,5, certificates, student cards.
  • Black and white document photo for Russian passport and visa, for Belarusian visa and passport. American passport.
  • Children photos for passports - if you know that your child is shy plan the time you will spend at the photographer, while the child adapts. As in the passport can’t be a picture of asleep or weeping child.
  • Infant document photos, baby photos for passports.

To photograph for documents it is not necessary to sign up beforehand.

Group photos

Together with friends, group or family. Maybe with the staff? We can provide photo studio for up to 30 people groups.

Animal photos

If you want to take a picture of your fluffy pet professionally - we will help you!

Objects photos

It is not so easy to take a picture of an object - so as to avoid unnecessary glare, so that shadows would be in the right place. Most likely you won’t manage to do it yourselves. Therefore, we will take picture professionally of any object for you. Price depends on the object - how glossy it is, how big, how many objects there are. As well as your wishes are important.

Event reports photos

Would it be cooperative event, conference, sports event or spinster party you can book a photographer for the whole day or for a couple of hours. (We accept transfers, send invoices).

We are not afraid of the distance, the place where the event takes place also doesn’t matter.

Event and party management

We also offer to organize events and will help you with an advice and of course to choose interesting and attractive places both for photo session and also for parties.

  • Games.
  • Spinster and bachelor party organization and management.

Off-site salon

We also offer to take pictures outside the photo studio. We should agree about the theme of the event beforehand. For several years we have photographed Kalpaks Ball – both in photo salon outside, and in Officers' Ball. We are for the classical values and the photographic style we adapt not only to the theme of the event, but also the company’s and ball organizer’s theme.

We offer printed photos from the event, or we send photos to clients personally. The passepartout for the printed photos our artist creates according to the event’s theme.

Illustrative photos

It is possible to purchase illustrative photos seen in all picture galleries (nature, landscapes and Riga photos) you can choose the files (the raw material) or you can order large-scale pictures as illustrative photography in your interior, office or home. (We also offer photos on canvas).

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