Family photos

Family photos

Family photo session in studio in the center of Riga or away at your home or elsewhere in Latvia. During photo sessions various style photos are taken with the motto "from the classics to the present day."


One baby family session in the studio - starting from 85 €

At the customer's home or outdoors (up to 1h 30min.) - starting from 150 €

It all depends on your wishes, how much you want to photograph and what you want to have after the photo session. You have to take into account that if small children are participating in the session, then they are the ones who determine the nature of the session, as well as the style and duration.

From experience I know that not everyone can feel free in front of the camera, therefore do not worry - you do not have to be a model and worry about postures, where to keep your hands and how to stand. From the moment you have chosen me as your new family chronicler we will work together to create photos which will be something special for you. And during one photo session usually various style photos are taken with the motto "from the classics to the present day."

One baby family photo session includes separate pictures of the baby alone (including changing of clothes in different styles) and photos with parents in a classical style and more modern memory pictures. Of course clothes create some changes and, if parents are dressed in classy clothes, then instead of freestyle photos I suggest retro style pictures.

Parents should think about what to wear, not always casual clothes are suitable for family archive creation in photo studio (photographing at home – and yes, also outdoors in nature). If in the studio you want more relaxed, unconventional pictures, then maybe mother should choose an evening dress and father - a suit.

Would it, in your opinion, be a visually enjoyable picture of a daughter in summer dress with straps, mother in a black velvet evening dress with long sleeves and dad in denim jacket and crumpled T-shirt?

There are so many RECOMMENDATIONS – it’s not possible to mention all of them ... and when signing up in our studio, we will tell them to each customer ... we will recommend how it would be better and what to pay attention to in particular situation.

Usually in an ideal session photos with different clothes and backgrounds are taken, but the child is the one who determines how many times he will want to dress up, how much to smile and how much to be photographed.

I should mention that I am against mass picture posting on the Internet and in my photos the most important is and always will be the child, rather than the environment in which he was photographed or bright accessories.

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