Erotic photos

Erotic photos

Over the years erotic art studio pictures haven’t lost their popularity which most girls choose to give to their boyfriends in a large format or printed on canvas (canvas).


In the studio - starting from 120 €

When choosing this photo session, I suggest the client to meet with me beforehand, or at least call me personally, as this session from a usual client requires quite great courage.

We talk over the theme of the session and the nature, and also the length is important. We have to agree what from the ideas I can offer and what I suggest to take from the clothing, which accessories to choose better.

Usually in an ideal photo session photos with different clothes and backgrounds are taken. From experience I know that not everyone can feel free in front of the camera, so do not worry – you do not have to be a model and worry about postures, where to keep your hands and how to stand. From the moment you have chosen me as your photographer we will work together to create photos which will be something special for you. And during one photo session different style pictures are taken.

Over the years erotic art studio pictures haven’t lost their popularity which girls mostly choose to give to their boyfriends as a present in a large format or printed on canvas (canvas).

Before the New Year’s Eve the demand grows and then I photograph erotic calendars, of course in one copy and agreeing about ideas and style for each month and season.

If a few years ago erotic photo sessions in the studio were more popular than sessions outside the studio, then now girls and women in their best years choose outing sessions for erotic photos in which are included also everyday style pictures as a memory, which can be shown to friends, mother and others.

In winter, however, I would not suggset to photograph erotic photos outdoors, but that depends on many aspects. If you want to photograph at the seashore, then the closest beaches to Riga in summer are crowded and then I would suggest to photograph very early in the morning. Also during sunset you have to take into account that there will be curious people. Or you have to choose a beach further away from Riga. If you want to photograph in a forest, or a meadow then the morning and evening light will be more grateful – more interesting.

Each year I take erotic photo sessions for at least 10 couples. The aim mostly is one - artistic photography for bedroom interior. Before the session we definitely meet and talk over the preferred style of the session (I've even asked to show bedroom interior photo to suggest my vision and ideas).

A couple of years ago I was chosen as a wedding gift. How? The new couple had strictly told the wedding witnesses, that they do not want to have any traditional after-midnight wedding activities. Then the wedding witnesses got a quite attractive idea, which we beforehand discussed in detail and agreed on the location and at 24 the new couple was in my possession. Attractive - undoubtedly ... the groom was in shock at first, but as I photographed only artistic acts, then the process was creative and interesting for both sides.

Of course I have also photographed in more piquant photo sessions, both in the studio and at the client’s home.

We also offer individual and couples’ sessions outside the studio after finding out client's wishes and then planning the route.

I should mention that I am against mass picture posting on the Internet and I have many arguments why. "But if you want then we can post your pictures for public viewing" - then usually girls and ladies say oh oh ... no no!

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