Children and baby photos

Children and baby photos

Children and baby photo sessions in the studio, outside in nature or at child's home. After 10 or more years the favourite memories while holding photos will be with YOUR "bear".


One child studio session - starting from 60 €

One child session outside the studio (up to 1h 30 min) - starting from 150 €

Be sure to take into account that children are the ones who determine the nature of the photo sessions, style and duration.

If you know your child's daily rhythm, at the photographer's studio sign up beforehand so that on your desired day the only free time available won’t be when the baby wants to sleep. In average you have to sign up 2 to 3 weeks before the session.

If you want to dress the baby in different clothes, I suggest to consider whether he will like it. Especially till children are one year old they feel uneasy in a strange place, and especially if someone tries to undress them!!! – reactions may be different. For example, on children's days I never wear white clothes so the baby would not have associations with doctors. Therefore I suggest to dress the baby in clothes you want him to be photographed in already at home and then we will undress him as an "onion" step by step, as long as the baby will allow...

If you want currently fashionable photos with babies in baskets, suitcases, etc., then you need to be very patient (it's about mothers and really small babies - up to 1 month).

I suggest to take the child's favourite toy, for an older child his favourite book... Yes, in the studio we have a lot of them, but believe me, after 10 or more years ... the favourite memories while holding photos will be with YOUR "bear".

There are so many RECOMMENDATIONS – it’s not possible to mention all of them ... and when signing up in our studio, we will tell them to each customer ... we will recommend how it would be better and what to pay attention to in particular situation.

Usually in an ideal photo session photos with different clothes and backgrounds are captured, but the baby is the one who determines how many times he wants to dress up, how much to smile and how much to be photographed.

With children it is really different- 50% of children need to get used to unfamiliar place, to unseen aunt, but for the other 50% - it is "as with cats" – I have to photograph while the baby has not accustomed to the place. Because when he will get used to, he will want to play and play, run and do everything but not listen to the aunt who is trying to attract the attention.

I should mention that I am against children mass picture posting on the Internet and in my photos the most important is and always will be the child, rather than the environment in which he was photographed or bright accessories.

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